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More than ever before people are asking big questions. Questions about life, faith, meaning, purpose, and God. Imagine creating a space where people in our community, our friends, neighbours and co-workers can have conversations in a way that is honest and relaxed. Where leaders don’t need to have all the answers. And anyone can ask questions and share.

Alpha Kenya has launched Alpha Za Filamu and Alpha Za Kusikiliza in Swahili.
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Alpha Za Filamu

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith, creating a judgment-free space where people can share their hearts while experiencing the gospel. In each session there is time to connect, listen or watch a short talk and discuss thoughts and questions in small groups over a snack or a full meal, or even remotely over WhatsApp or online. Run Alpha for your friends or church group or even at work over coffee with your colleagues. Through your phone, in the car, or just by pulling out a Bluetooth speaker, Anywhere and Anytime!

Imagine the impact of Alpha in Swahili

Imagine the many ways Alpha can be run in Swahili

Chamas during their meetings
Over WhatsApp
On the street
In your Church
Matatu touts
Friends inside a Matatu
With neighbours
With neighbours

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Alpha online


Alpha Kenya hosts training online. Please click on the link to register for the next, free training/webinar, or contact the team for a coaching call.

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