Rev Steve Kinoti

Rev. Stephen Kinoti’s story

“When the Covid-19 season started we needed to find a resource that could be utilized online to help us continue with discipleship and at the same time help reach out to the young people out there.”

Reverend Kinoti reached out to a fellow pastor who recommended Alpha.

“When I searched TRYALPHA I noticed that other churches in Kenya were already running Alpha. The team based in Nairobi took me through Alpha and we had an online training session at a church level to understand how to access and utilize the online resources.

I remember that night I spent the whole night going through the videos to ascertain the suitability and funny enough I found myself really enjoying them. I realized the resource is not limited for youth only but could be used by everyone, anywhere.

Alpha is very useful, a simple way of discipling people to Christ, accurate for new beginners, new believers and appropriate for setting them up to be able to be witnesses for Christ.

We felt that Alpha would be best suitable for online engagement because it is simple, interactive, well packaged with formatted videos and it has only three questions to deal. We also found out that Alpha is more people centred with day to day life questions yet Christ-centred, it models Christ and makes people love to be good friends with Jesus.

We now have 5 Alpha groups running on Zoom… and right now we have an average of eighty guests on Alpha every Sunday. We also have more guests interested in joining from other regions.

We are sincerely grateful that Alpha is helping us explore God in a simple bible-centred way and we are so grateful. Asante.

Youth & JCTM Pastor, Methodist Church, Ruaraka, Kenya

Rev Steve Kinoti
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