Bea's story

The Greatest “YES”

Looking at the little guidebook and perusing through the topics, I did not expect to learn anything new. After all, I thought, I had been a born-again Christian longer than I had not. But boy was I wrong.

Right from the first lesson ‘Is there more to life than this?’, watching the video and going through the discussion questions, my mind was changed. The questions that I always had, about suffering and faith, that I never thought I could ask became real. There was no fear of my faith looking or sounding questionable, simply because I asked or answered a question in a non-conventional Christian way. With very open discussions within the group and the scriptures guiding us, these questions were answered.

My highlight each week was watching the very interactive Alpha videos. But more so the development of a very authentic personal relationship with God.

Daily, I was more and more able to be authentic, easy and simple in my conversation with God and about faith with others.

I can say I have walked out of Alpha a different person. Having learnt a lot. Yes, there were deep truths in that small guide after all. My grandest lesson and take away is, even though I have a chronic illness, the God who healed then, still heals today and is continuing to heal. The answer doesn’t always have to be yes to the body (I do still trust for healing), but I am at rest because the greatest yes came through my heart.

Eternal life is my yes and amen.

Bea, Alpha Guest at Nairobi Chapel, Kenya

Bea's story
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