Leadership Conversations with Nicky Gumbel Podcast: Jackie Pullinger

In this episode, Nicky and Pippa Gumbel sit down with Jackie Pullinger to talk about her 55 years of missionary work in Hong Kong – ministering to the gang-filled and drug-addicted walled city.

In this conversation, Nicky and Pippa sit down with Jackie Pullinger – one of the great missionaries of our time. At the age of 22, Jackie heard the Lord say “go” so she boarded an international ship travelling port-to-port waiting for God’s permission to get off. After dozens of stops, Jackie finally ended up in Hong Kong at the notorious “Walled City.” 55 years later, Jackie is still ministering in Hong Kong.

When Jackie arrived at the Walled City – gang-filled and drug addicted as it was – the Lord gave her a clear vision of what He wanted to accomplish. It was an awesome picture of children playing in the streets, drug addicts with arms without needle marks and old prostitutes with their heads lifted high. Jackie says “I saw another city, I just didn’t know how to make it happen.” Knowing that her part was faithfulness and obedience, Jackie left the transformation up to the Holy Spirit. In the pockets of favour, Jackie rejoiced. And in the pockets of disappointment and opposition, Jackie persevered all the more, quoting Jesus’ words “turn the other cheek.” Over years of persistently following Jesus’s voice and responding to the needs around her, Jackie saw hundreds of drug-addicted gangsters and sex workers set free through prayer, radical hospitality and life-on-life care.

Jackie often says “I don’t have a ministry, I have a life.” Jackie is full not of theoretical wisdom, but hard fought wisdom earned through a bleeding heart and hard feet. While many Jesus followers are tempted to compartmentalize and segment their faith, the life of Jackie Pullinger challenges one to embrace a holistic discipleship to Jesus; a life where ministry isn’t delegated elsewhere, but where it’s uncomfortably owned by the follower.

In addition to her story, in this conversation you’ll hear Jackie share about the gifts of the Spirit, the gift of tongues and how to pray for those who need Jesus. We hope you are inspired as you listen to Nicky and Pippa’s interview with Jackie Pullinger.


Show Notes

Chasing the Dragon by Jackie Pullinger

Crack In the Wall by Jackie Pullinger

St. Stephen’s Society


Jackie Pullinger is a missionary in Hong Kong and founder of the St Stephen’s Society. She has been serving in Hong Kong since 1966. The early years of her Hong Kong ministry are chronicled in her book Chasing the Dragon.

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