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Alpha Youth Talks Africa Series

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Alpha Youth Talks Africa is designed to engage young people in conversations about life, faith and Jesus. Discussion time is interspersed throughout the short talks to make it simpler for them to share their thoughts and questions.

13 Talks – 9 weeks / John Njoroge, Luxolo Kentane & Boipelo Kekana

Alpha Youth Talks Africa is a video series adapted from the global Alpha Youth live scripts, presented by African voices. The content mirrors the current Alpha Youth series – 13 episodes, with the same theological content and discussion questions, exploring timeless questions about life, faith and God for a new generation. The fresh African presentation makes this series a powerful tool for engaging in more evangelism conversations with young people across our continent. The series offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives as they discuss with their friends and leaders.

  • 9 Weeks
  • 13 Sessions
  • Available in 1 language


Boipelo, John and Luxolo are the main presenters in this series. They deliver a mix of individual talks, as well as podcast-style conversations together.

Boipelo Kekana

Boipelo is the Regional Product Coordinator for Alpha Sub-Saharan Africa. She is particularly passionate about the local church and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

John Njoroge

John is the Strategic Church Relationships Manager for Alpha Sub-Saharan Africa. He is also a project manager, and a media and digital practitioner who is passionate about reaching and engaging the now-generation as well as the next.

Luxolo Kentane

Luxolo is the National Director for Alpha South Africa. In addition to this, he is a musician, a podcaster and an all-round creative.

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Slingshot Media

This series was filmed in collaboration with Slingshot Media, a production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their team is passionate about the gospel message reaching the ends of the earth.

Nicky Gumbel

Nicky is the pioneer of Alpha, pastor of Holy Trinity Brompton, author of many books including Questions of Life and Searching Issues, and the author of the free Bible reading app Bible in One Year.

Dan Blythe

Dan is the Global lead for Alpha Youth, and his team has written the scripts for the Alpha Youth live talks used in this series.

What’s included

Alpha comes with everything you need to get started, and everything is available for free.

All episodes via download
Alpha Team Guide (with discussion questions)
Alpha Leader Training
Context-specific tips and tools


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