What is the result of using Alpha for Teens?

Teenagers find a space to share their opinions openly without being judged.

They find a safe and open space to get to know the Christian faith in a dynamic and attractive way.

Churches around the world are empowered by sharing the gospel and adding teens to their groups.

Alpha - 100

We are all in. Giving it our all. Not some of us but all of us.
Imagine if this was a reality how different would our world be?

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It is essential that you pray before, during and after your Alpha.

Choose the way

Before starting decide how you will carry out your Alpha, online, face-to-face or a mixture of both.

Choose the place

Decide where your Alpha will take place, it can be a home, cafe, church, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Get ready

Train with our teams and learn how to make the best possible Alpha.

Get organized

Assemble your own team that you will count on during your Alpha. Distribute tasks and responsibilities and set deadlines.


For your Alpha to reach more people, use the invitations we created for you and your teenagers, find them at Run Alpha.

All ready!

Enjoy seeing how God transforms lives.

How do I host a Teen Alpha?

What are the ingredients in Alpha 100


Whether face-to-face sharing some snacks or virtual sharing a juice, all Alpha sessions should start with a relaxed connection time to build friendships. Eating together creates a space to connect and share your life on a deeper level.


Alpha Talks are designed to motivate teens to have a conversation. They will explore the big questions of life and faith and discover the basics of the Christian faith, with questions such as “Who is Jesus?”, “Why and how should I pray?”.


The small group conversation time is an opportunity for the adolescents to answer the questions that are raised in each of the sessions, it is important that they are able to be themselves without feeling judged or censored, and contribute their own perspective in an honest way. , friendly, in an open environment to hear them.


At Alpha fun is important! We always seek to create a space where they can show themselves as they are. We recommend including games and icebreakers that make the atmosphere in your Alpha much more relaxed. We include in My Alpha a series of guides that will help you create this recreation time.


Join as we help people live life to its full potential as we walk alongside young people in this country to give it a hunnid!

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